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Annual Recreational/Development Club Competition

Floor & Vault Born 2003-2006

Lillia Banks- Champion

Erin Pelham- Silver

Rose Chapman- Bronze


Floor & Vault Born 2007

Lily Earnshaw- Champion

Ruby Copping- Silver

Jonathon Cook- Bronze


Floor & Vault Born 2008-2009

Ella Lake-Linton- Champion

Chloe Boardman- Silver

Holly Costa- Bronze


Floor & Vault Born 2010

Evelyn Thorne- Champion

Alba Newton- Silver

Sandy Mcgee- Bronze


Floor & Vault 2011-2012

Maria Jukneviciute- Champion

Caitlin Godwin- Silver

Ava Heaney- Bronze


Advanced Rec 2003-2006

Olivia Turner- Champion

Harry Hadden- Silver

Polly Boxcer- Bronze


Advanced Rec 2007-2010

Amelia Godwin- Champion

Brooke Sadler- Silver

Millie Johnson- Bronze



Nela Morgan- Champion

Tilly Dowell- Silver

Janet Oshoja- Bronze



Congratulations to Lutho Ndayi for helping the Essex Level 4 Team win GOLD at the Inter County Teams and Congratulations to Molly Simmons and Halle Dawson for helping the Essex Level 3 Team come 5th at the Inter County Teams!


Essex County Grades


Grade 1-

9/10 age group-

Morgan Guyett       18th Overall

Ellissa Mason         20th Overall

Maya Burrell           23rd Overall


Grade 2-

9/10 age group-

Eva Gregory           10th Overall


11/12 age group-

Brooke Caetano     5th Overall

Emily Pannell         8th Overall


Regional Out of Age Finals

Level 6

Age 8 group-

Jessica Cable                BRONZE Overall

Amber Ridgley              7th Overall, GOLD Beam


Level 4

10-11 age group-

Lutho Ndayi                   BRONZE Overall, BRONZE Bars, GOLD Beam


Level 3

13+ age group-

Molly Simmons             4th Overall, SILVER Vault, SILVER Beam



County Level 4

10/11 age group-

Lutho Ndayi         SILVER Overall, 4th Vault, BRONZE Bars, BRONZE Beam, GOLD Floor

Ashleigh Barker   9th Overall, 6th Beam

Amy Lawrence    10th Overall, 4th Floor

12/13 age group-

Amy Newland      4th Overall


County Level 3

13+ age group-

Molly Simmons    GOLD Overall, GOLD Vault, BRONZE Bars, GOLD Beam, BRONZE Floor

Halle Dawson      5th Overall, BRONZE Vault, 6th Beam, GOLD Floor

Tasmin Hughes   9th Overall



Congratulations to Harriet Lawrence for finishing in 9th Place in her Regional In Age Level 4


Congratulations to Abby Forkner for finishing in 6th Place in the Regional FIG Challenge Championships!



Congratulations to Abby Forkner for taking part in the Challenge Cup, her first national FIG competition!

She had a good competition with no falls! Well done Abby!



Level 6

9/10 age group-

Evie Borley            12th Overall

Imogen Slowe       23rd Overall and 4th Vault


8 years age group-

Jessica Cable              Overall GOLD, Vault GOLD, Bars SILVER, Beam BRONZE and                Floor SILVER

Amber Ridgley             Overall BRONZE, Beam BRONZE and 5th on Floor

Natasha Moorcroft       4th overall, Vault GOLD and Floor BRONZE

Lois Reynolds              6th overall and 4th Beam


Level 5

10/11 age group-

Zowie Dodge17th Overall


12+ age group-

Robyn Bennett17th Overall



County Level 7 for 7 year olds

4 Piece-

Iona McCormick               4th Overall, Vault GOLD, SILVER on Beam, 5th on Floor

Khamis Millgate                6th Overall, SILVER on Bars, 6th on Beam

2 Piece-

Rosie Dewell                     SILVER Overall, SILVER on Vault, SILVER on Floor

Freya Smith                       5th Overall, 5th on Vault, 4th on Floor

Charley Cunningham        6th Overall, 4th on Vault, 6th on Floor


County Level 4 In Age

Harriet Lawrence        SILVER Overall, Vault GOLD, Bars GOLD, Beam SILVER and Floor GOLD


County FIG Espoir

Abby Forkner      GOLD Overall, Vault GOLD, Bars 4th, Beam SILVER and Floor BRONZE

Chloee Tomlin    SILVER Overall, 4th Vault, BRONZE Bars, 4th Beam and Floor GOLD


Future Stars Competition

Novice 7 years age group-

Isla McCormick 4th overall, Bronze on Vault, Silver on Floor

Iona McCormick 9th overall, Gold on Floor

Novice 8 years age group-

Ella Ing Silver overall, Gold on Floor, Bronze on Bars, Beam and Vault

Intermediate 8 years age group-

Natasha Moorcroft Silver overall, Silver on Beam, Bronze on Vault and Floor

Jessica Cable 4th overall

Amber Ridgley 8th overall, Gold on Floor

Lois Reynolds 9th overall

Erin Bradley 10th overall

Intermediate 9 years age group-

Imogen Slowe 20th overall

Intermediate 10/11 years age group-

Zowie Dodge 11th overall

Intermediate 12+ years age group-

Amelia Dale 8th overall, Gold of Floor

Advanced 9-11 years age group-

Harriet Lawrence Silver overall, Bronze on Vault and Beam

Ashleigh Barker 5th overall, Gold on Floor, Bronze on Vault and Bars

Advanced 12+ years age group-

Amy Newland 5th overall, Gold on Floor

Holly Newland 12th overall, Bronze on Bars

Charlotte Ellis 17th overall

Robyn Bennett 19th overall


Special Well Done to those who won special awards for making their brilliant summer themed numbers!



GG Regional Finals

Level 2-

Eva Gregory Silver Vault, Silver Beam, Bronze Floor

Maya Burrell 7th Bars, 13th Beam

Level 3-

Ellissa Mason Silver on Floor


Bury Spectrum Friendly Novice Teams 2016


Charley Cunningham, Rosie Dewell, Freya Smith, Eva Gregory    7th


Advanced Novice-

Isla McCormick, Iona McCormick, Ella Ing, Khamis Millgate    GOLD


Isla McCormick SILVER overall

Iona McCormick BRONZE overall


Bury Spectrum Friendly Floor and Vault 2016

Novice 7 and under-

Charley Cunningham GOLD

Rosie Dewell SILVER

Freya Smith 4th

Advanced 8 and under-

Khamis Millgate GOLD

Isla McCormick SILVER


Iona McCormick 4th


Bury Spectrum Friendly 4 Piece 2016

Advanced 7/8 age group-

Ella Ing GOLD

Advanced 6/7 age group-

Isla McCormick GOLD

Iona McCormick SILVER

Khamis Millgate 7th

6/7 age group-

Rosie Dewell 4th

Charley Cunningham 6th

Freya Smith 11th


Club and Regional Grade Finals 2016

Club Grade 6-

8 years age group-

Jessica Cable SILVER

Amber Ridgley BRONZE


Regional Grade 3-

13+ age group-

Lilli Cronin 9th


Regional Grade 1-

13/14 age group-

Halle Dawson GOLD

Amy Sullivan 10th


National Grade Finals 2016

National Grade 4-

Lutho Ndayi 13th and EAST Team 7th Place


National Grades 2016

National Grade 4-

10+ age group-

Lutho Ndayi GOLD Passed with Distinction Through to the National Finals in Stoke in May!

Amy Lawrence 8th Passed with Distinction


National Grade 3-

11+ age group-

Molly Simmons 9th Passed with Distinction


National Grade 2-

12+ age group-

Chloee Tomlin 6th Passed with Distinction

Abby Forkner 8th Passed with Distinction

Tasmin Hughes 12th Passed with Comendment


GG Levels

Level 2-

8/9 age group-

Eva Gregory BRONZE Overall, Vault GOLD, Bars BRONZE, Beam GOLD

Maya Burrell BRONZE Overall, Bars GOLD, Beam SILVER, Vault 5th

Morgan Guyett 11th Overall, Beam 6th

Lily Cross 15th Overall

Olivia Smiles 16th Overall

10/12 age group-

Layla Brown 7th Overall, Vault 4th and Bars SILVER

Scarlett Murray-Nickson 12th Overall


Level 3-

12/14 age group-

Brooke Caetano12th Overall, Vault 6th

9/11 age group-

Ellissa Mason 12th Overall, Floor BRONZE, Vault 6th

Emily Pannell 30th Overall


Club/Regional Grades 2016


Club Grade 6-

9/10 age group-

Imogen Slowe1 6th Passed with Distinction

8 years age group-

Jessica Cable GOLD Passed with Distinction

Amber Ridgley SILVER Passed with Distinction

Natasha Moorcroft 4th Passed with Distinction

Lois Reynolds 6th Passed with Distinction

Erin Bradley 7th Passed with Distinction

Club Grade 5-

9 years age group-

Harriet Lawrence 4th Passed with Distinction

10/11 age group-

Ashleigh Barker 4th Passed with Distinction

Regional Grade 4-

13+ age group-

Robyn Bennett 5th Passed with Comendment

Regional Grade 3-

13+ age group-

Lilli Cronin GOLD Passed with Distinction

11/12 age group-

Emily Bradley 7th Passed with Distinction

Ashlin Brown 10th Passed with Distinction

Regional Grade 1

13/14 age group-

Halle Dawson GOLD Passed with Distinction

Amy Sullivan BRONZE Passed with Comendment


Quatro Cup 2016


Club Grade 6

8 years age-

Jessica Cable GOLD

Amber Ridgley 5th

Erin Bradley 6th

Natasha Moorcroft 7th

Lois Reynolds 18th

9 years age group-

Imogen Slowe 11th

Club Grade 5

11/12 age group-

Ashleigh Barker Silver

9 years age group-

Harriet Lawrence 4th

Regional Grade 4

10-11 years-

Jasmine Snooks 15th


Robyn Bennett 9th

Regional Grade 3

11+ years-

Ashlin Brown 20th

Regional Grade 1

Halle Dawson GOLD

National Grade 4

Lutho Ndayi SILVER

National Grade 3

Molly Simmons5th

National Grade 2

Chloee Tomlin GOLD

Abby Forkner 10th













































































































































































































County Teams

Level 5- Silver Medal

Amy Lawrence, Bethan Harries, Becky Lapage, Molly Simmons, Ashlin Brown and Grace Cooper.















Level 4- Champions and winners of the Ron Morgan Cup for highest floor scores.

Gracie Regan, Halle Dawson, Amy Sullivan, Holly Lawrence, Emily Bradley and Charlotte Ellis.















Level 3- Champions

Chloee Tomlin, Amber Pellicci, Abby Forkner, Tasmin Hughes, Ginny Podd and Megan Keery.















Regional Final Levels

Level 4 10/11 age group-

Gracie Regan- 4th overall, bronze on floor and vault

Holly Lawrence- 13th overall














Level 4 12/13 age group-

Amy Sullivan- 13th overall













Level 3-

Chloee Tomlin- 3rd overall, Silver Vault and Bars

Amber Pellicci- 14th overall














County Levels

Level 3-

Chloee Tomlin- Overall Champion, Silver Floor and Bars, Bronze Beam.

Amber Pellicci- Bronze Overall, Beam Champion, Bronze Bars.

Abby Forkner- 4th Overall, Silver Floor.

Tasmin Hughes- 5th Overall.

Ginny Podd- 11th Overall.















Level 4-

10/11 age group:

Gracie Regan- Overall Champion, Vault and Bars Champion.

Emily Bradley- Bronze Overall, Bars bronze.

Holly Lawrence- 4th Overall.

Charlotte Ellis- 9th Overall.

Lilli Cronin- 13th Overall.

12/13 age group:

Amy Sullivan- 4th Overall.

Halle Dawson- 6th Overall, Silver Floor.

Megan Keery- 7th Overall.

Holly Newland- 9th Overall.















Level 5 in age-

Bethan Harries- 7th Overall.















Level 5-

11/12 age group:

Becky Lapage- Overall Champion.

10/11 age group:

Ashlin Brown- Bronze Overall.

Amy Lawrence- 4th Overall, Silver Floor.

Grace Cooper- 5th Overall, Bronze Bars.

Amy Newland- 9th Overall.

Abbie Wyatt- 12th Overall.















Level 6-

10/11 age group:

Molly Simmons- Overall Champion, Bars Silver, Beam Bronze.

8/9 age group:

Lutho Ndayi- 6th Overall.

Isabel Dryden- 10th Overall, Bars Champion, Floor Bronze.

Jasmine Snooks- 17th Overall.

Ashleigh Barker- 24th Overall.
















Bury Team and Pairs

Level 3-

Amber Pellicci and Tasmin Hughes   6th

Chloee Tomlin and Abby Forkner      8th

Ginny Podd and Megan Hayes           10th


Level 4-   6th

Halle Dawson

Amy Sullivan

Lilli Cronin

Holly Lawrence


Level 5-   3rd

Ashlin Brown

Amy Newland

Grace Cooper

Amy Lawrence


Level 6-   Champions

Molly Simmons     1st Overall

Isabel Dryden        1st Overall

Ashleigh Barker    3rd Overall

Lutho Ndayi


Bury Novice 4 piece

Eva Gregory     6/7      Champion

Harriet Lawrence     6/7     Silver

Mia Walsh     6/7      Bronze

Imogen Slowe     6/7      6th

Leander Phillipson     7/8     Champion

Ellissa McMeekin      7/8     Bronze

Evie Borley     7/8      5th

Scarlett Murray-Nickson     7/8     8th

Megan Batchelor     8/9     Champion

Emily Pannell     8/9     7th

Grace Kelleher     8/9      10th

Mollie Tomlin     8/9     11th

Charlotte Handelaar     8/9     13th

Brooke Caetano     9/10      9th

Bethany Slowe     10/11     4th

Courtney Gutteridge     10/11      15th

Ellie Ridgley     10/11      17th

Taylor Sharp     11/12     7th

Teagan Cripps      11/12     10th

Ayanna Lovell      Over 12     5th

Shannon Newman     Over 12      10th


Bury Floor and Vault

Mia Walsh     6/7     Champion

Harriet Lawrence     6/7     Silver

Eva Gregory     6/7     Bronze

Imogen Slowe     6/7     4th

Evie Borley     7/8     Champion

Ellie Ridgley     10/11     Bronze

Courtney Gutteridge     10/11     4th

Bethany Slowe     10/11     7th

Teagan Cripps      11/12     Bronze

Taylor Sharp     11/12     7th

Ayanna Lovell    Over 12     Bronze

Shannon Newman     Over 12     7th


National Final Grade 8

Gracie Regan was overall National Champion and also won gold with the East region team.


Regional Finals Grades 14-9

Grade 13

Holly Lawrence  11+  Champion

Lilli-An Cronin    11+  Bronze

Isabel Dryden    9/10  Bronze

Ashlin Brown    9/10   9th


Grade 12

Megan Keery   12+   4th

Grace Cooper  10/11  Champion

Amy Newland   10/11  11th

Charlotte Ellis   10/11  14th



Regional Grades 8-5

Grade 8

Gracie Regan         2nd

Tasmin Hughes     9th

Grade 7

Abby Forkner        9th 


Essex Grades 14-9

Grade 11

Holly Newland       12+          6th Place

Grade 12

Charlotte Ellis       10/11          Joint Champion and Beam Trophy

Grace Cooper       10/11          Joint Champion

Amy Newland       10/11          Silver

Emily Bradley       10/11          4th

Megan Keery        12+             Silver

Grade 13

Isabel Dryden          9/10          Champion and Beam Trophy

Ashlin Brown           9/10          Bronze

Lauren Reynolds     9/10          5th

Abbie Wyatt             9/10          8th

Jenna Logie             9/10         14th

Holly Lawrence        11+          Champion

Lilli-Ann Cronin        11+          Bronze

Robyn Bennett         11+          8th

Grade 14

Bethan Harries         8/9            Bronze

Jasmine Snooks      8/9             9th

Amy Lawrence         8/9            10th

Lutho Ndayi              8/9            13th

Teagan Colver          8/9            20th