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County Teams

Level 5- Silver Medal

Amy Lawrence, Bethan Harries, Becky Lapage, Molly Simmons, Ashlin Brown and Grace Cooper.















Level 4- Champions and winners of the Ron Morgan Cup for highest floor scores.

Gracie Regan, Halle Dawson, Amy Sullivan, Holly Lawrence, Emily Bradley and Charlotte Ellis.















Level 3- Champions

Chloee Tomlin, Amber Pellicci, Abby Forkner, Tasmin Hughes, Ginny Podd and Megan Keery.















Regional Final Levels

Level 4 10/11 age group-

Gracie Regan- 4th overall, bronze on floor and vault

Holly Lawrence- 13th overall














Level 4 12/13 age group-

Amy Sullivan- 13th overall













Level 3-

Chloee Tomlin- 3rd overall, Silver Vault and Bars

Amber Pellicci- 14th overall














County Levels

Level 3-

Chloee Tomlin- Overall Champion, Silver Floor and Bars, Bronze Beam.

Amber Pellicci- Bronze Overall, Beam Champion, Bronze Bars.

Abby Forkner- 4th Overall, Silver Floor.

Tasmin Hughes- 5th Overall.

Ginny Podd- 11th Overall.















Level 4-

10/11 age group:

Gracie Regan- Overall Champion, Vault and Bars Champion.

Emily Bradley- Bronze Overall, Bars bronze.

Holly Lawrence- 4th Overall.

Charlotte Ellis- 9th Overall.

Lilli Cronin- 13th Overall.

12/13 age group:

Amy Sullivan- 4th Overall.

Halle Dawson- 6th Overall, Silver Floor.

Megan Keery- 7th Overall.

Holly Newland- 9th Overall.















Level 5 in age-

Bethan Harries- 7th Overall.















Level 5-

11/12 age group:

Becky Lapage- Overall Champion.

10/11 age group:

Ashlin Brown- Bronze Overall.

Amy Lawrence- 4th Overall, Silver Floor.

Grace Cooper- 5th Overall, Bronze Bars.

Amy Newland- 9th Overall.

Abbie Wyatt- 12th Overall.















Level 6-

10/11 age group:

Molly Simmons- Overall Champion, Bars Silver, Beam Bronze.

8/9 age group:

Lutho Ndayi- 6th Overall.

Isabel Dryden- 10th Overall, Bars Champion, Floor Bronze.

Jasmine Snooks- 17th Overall.

Ashleigh Barker- 24th Overall.
















Bury Team and Pairs

Level 3-

Amber Pellicci and Tasmin Hughes   6th

Chloee Tomlin and Abby Forkner      8th

Ginny Podd and Megan Hayes           10th


Level 4-   6th

Halle Dawson

Amy Sullivan

Lilli Cronin

Holly Lawrence


Level 5-   3rd

Ashlin Brown

Amy Newland

Grace Cooper

Amy Lawrence


Level 6-   Champions

Molly Simmons     1st Overall

Isabel Dryden        1st Overall

Ashleigh Barker    3rd Overall

Lutho Ndayi


Bury Novice 4 piece

Eva Gregory     6/7      Champion

Harriet Lawrence     6/7     Silver

Mia Walsh     6/7      Bronze

Imogen Slowe     6/7      6th

Leander Phillipson     7/8     Champion

Ellissa McMeekin      7/8     Bronze

Evie Borley     7/8      5th

Scarlett Murray-Nickson     7/8     8th

Megan Batchelor     8/9     Champion

Emily Pannell     8/9     7th

Grace Kelleher     8/9      10th

Mollie Tomlin     8/9     11th

Charlotte Handelaar     8/9     13th

Brooke Caetano     9/10      9th

Bethany Slowe     10/11     4th

Courtney Gutteridge     10/11      15th

Ellie Ridgley     10/11      17th

Taylor Sharp     11/12     7th

Teagan Cripps      11/12     10th

Ayanna Lovell      Over 12     5th

Shannon Newman     Over 12      10th


Bury Floor and Vault

Mia Walsh     6/7     Champion

Harriet Lawrence     6/7     Silver

Eva Gregory     6/7     Bronze

Imogen Slowe     6/7     4th

Evie Borley     7/8     Champion

Ellie Ridgley     10/11     Bronze

Courtney Gutteridge     10/11     4th

Bethany Slowe     10/11     7th

Teagan Cripps      11/12     Bronze

Taylor Sharp     11/12     7th

Ayanna Lovell    Over 12     Bronze

Shannon Newman     Over 12     7th


National Final Grade 8

Gracie Regan was overall National Champion and also won gold with the East region team.


Regional Finals Grades 14-9

Grade 13

Holly Lawrence  11+  Champion

Lilli-An Cronin    11+  Bronze

Isabel Dryden    9/10  Bronze

Ashlin Brown    9/10   9th


Grade 12

Megan Keery   12+   4th

Grace Cooper  10/11  Champion

Amy Newland   10/11  11th

Charlotte Ellis   10/11  14th



Regional Grades 8-5

Grade 8

Gracie Regan         2nd

Tasmin Hughes     9th

Grade 7

Abby Forkner        9th 


Essex Grades 14-9

Grade 11

Holly Newland       12+          6th Place

Grade 12

Charlotte Ellis       10/11          Joint Champion and Beam Trophy

Grace Cooper       10/11          Joint Champion

Amy Newland       10/11          Silver

Emily Bradley       10/11          4th

Megan Keery        12+             Silver

Grade 13

Isabel Dryden          9/10          Champion and Beam Trophy

Ashlin Brown           9/10          Bronze

Lauren Reynolds     9/10          5th

Abbie Wyatt             9/10          8th

Jenna Logie             9/10         14th

Holly Lawrence        11+          Champion

Lilli-Ann Cronin        11+          Bronze

Robyn Bennett         11+          8th

Grade 14

Bethan Harries         8/9            Bronze

Jasmine Snooks      8/9             9th

Amy Lawrence         8/9            10th

Lutho Ndayi              8/9            13th

Teagan Colver          8/9            20th